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Moodfly is an online mood board creation tool that fosters collaboration between creative agencies and their clients. Representatives from both parties can work in harmony on developing an aesthetic for their branding project by piecing together color palettes, textures and inspiring photos.

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What is a Mood Board?
A canvas for your creativity

A mood board is a type of collage consisting of images, text, color swatches and patterns. The goal of a mood board is to develop and communicate design concepts and is commonly employed by creative agencies to build an overall aesthetic for client work.

The Moodfly Approach
Bringing some order to the chaos

Moodfly brings the mood boarding process to the web and adds some structure for your peace of mind. Your collage is split into configurable panels to help keep things organized.

Express yourself

Moodfly features an array of tools for helping you express your creativity.

  • Image Uploads. Adding images to your boards could not be easier. Moodfly supports drag and drop image uploads from your computer.
  • Color Picker. Build a palette using Moodfly's interactive color picker.
  • Web Site Screenshots. Moodfly can generate screenshots of your favorite web sites.
  • Flickr Integration. Moodfly connects seamlessly to Flickr, giving you a virtually unlimited library of images at your disposal.
  • Drag and Drop. Change the order of items in a panel by dragging them up and down in the list.

For Agencies
Collaborate with your clients

Moodfly is perfect for brainstorming that new branding project your agency just landed. Some clients like to play a part in the creative process. As an agency, you can register on Moodfly and manage user accounts and mood boards for your clients. Moodfly allows both parties to contribute to the board and submit feedback for its items.

Allowing your clients to contribute their ideas to the mood boards can aid in building stronger relationships with them, and can make the creative process more efficient.

For Individuals
Get Inspired!

If you don't represent a creative agency, you're still more than welcome to participate. Looking to redecorate your dining room? Want to play with colors and patterns for that new dress you want to design? Moodfly gives you the blank canvas you need to record and organize your inspiration.

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